About Me

Jason Clinkscales

Let’s keep the About page simple.

I’m a freelance sportswriter, radio host/podcaster and media research professional.

I’m Bronx and Harlem-bred, and a proud Babson College graduate (undergraduate class of 2004.)

I’m a senior editor at The Sports Fan Journal (where we can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.)

I’m the co-host of The Exchange on BlogTalkRadio with long-time friend and partner-in-crime, Sumit Dasgupta.

If you’re curious about my writing and radio appearances, check the verbs, nouns and pronouns elsewhere.

If you’re curious about my media research background, here’s the LinkedIn and the consulting page.

If you’re curious about my dad’s park, come to Harlem or at least get more information here.

So who are you? I’d like to know. Seriously.

DISCLAIMER: The words expressed here are not those expressed by those I am directly affiliated with, by employ or association. Although such affiliations may be mentioned from time to time, the opinions expressed on jasonclinkscales.com are my own and belong to no one else.

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