Find Your Fight, Then Fight Like Hell

(This is really for Twitter as Facebook already seen it in status form.)

In the city with the largest black population outside of the South, he ensured that aspiring and upwardly mobile black residents would never live in his buildings.

While an insidious crime was committed in the most famous urban park in America, he called for the return of the death penalty for five young minority kids who would be arrested and serve time for an act none had committed. He would never apologize for his charged actions.

He would do the seemingly impossible and manage to run casinos into the ground during times when the now-labeled 1% and wannabe high-rollers were coked up, well fed and happy to give their money away for mere entertainment.

Even in this era of the unending construction boom and mass GenTriFicatiOn, he somehow managed to remain a bit player in his own city, almost a clown among so-called peers who abhorred decades of Richie Rich-like behavior and impressive ineffectiveness as a “businessman.”

He has stiffed thousands in his businesses, cheated municipalities out of tax revenues and gravely insulted the very people that made his home city one of the most prominent locales on Earth.

And yet, with various sycophants in Big Media, this fraud of a human being had been given higher platforms than legitimate leaders. They thought he was good TV, good talk radio, good copy… though the only people who woke up every morning and asked “gee, I wonder what HE thinks about (insert topic here)?” were those very desperate sycophants.

In his second campaign for President of the United States, most in Big Media thought they would treat it like his relatively ignored first – with greater amusement than they would find with people who took politics, government and social concerns seriously. And yet, the moment he said “Mexicans,” they may have recoiled at his comments, but once more saw that… he was good TV, good talk radio, good copy.

As the campaign ran along unchallenged by these compromised outlets, it was Les Moonves, the now-chairman of CBS (and yes, the last full-time employer of yours truly) who said multiple times internally and in public that he may be bad for the country, but great for ratings. His fellow media executives, including Jeff Zucker of CNN and former one-man apocalypse of NBC, amplified the candidate because once again, good TV. (And some of you reading this played into their hands because this was all just entertainment to you, too.)

We can go deeper into the campaign itself, but there’s no need. What should be understood is that when the primaries took place in New York, Big Media made a decision: keep chasing the shiny new toy of Bernie Sanders – who was just a Brooklyn boy… that engaged in a little white flight from the region like many others in the 70s – and don’t drop the bombs that could kill the nativist’s campaign in a hometown that absolutely hates his guts. (Only “America’s Mayor” could have brought such rage up to that point.) They had chance after chance to ensure he would never get past the primaries. They folded.

Let us be reminded of that as the reins of the executive branch of the government are about to be handed over to the biggest sociopath and biggest con man in American history. Be reminded that this could have been stopped long ago by the folks now suddenly doing their jobs. Be reminded that because of their complicity, we have to fight a bit harder than we already were planning to. Most of all, let us be reminded that this is day one of the greatest fight of our lives.

Be encouraged that plenty of us are ready to go to work.

Find your fight, then fight like hell.

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