Free Agency

As annoying as the cliche may be, there’s something to be said about the line “everything happens for a reason.”

Instead of the details – those which won’t be discussed for some time unless you feel like coming to Harlem and devouring a good ass fish fry – let’s just say that there are a lot of changes that while they are immensely challenging, will be all for the better going forward.

You will be seeing a lot more from yours truly over the coming weeks and months.  In this new personal era of free agency, there will be  a revival of podcasting, a hopeful growth into the video space and an obnoxious abundance of the written word. Like most writers, producers, editors and many others in the ‘creative’ world, our greatest frenemy is time. When we don’t have any of it thanks to full-time commitments, that’s when creativity tends to tease and tantalize you. When we do have time, it’s sheer madness to try and  weather the deluges and droughts of free-flowing ideas.

Hello, old frenemy. We meet again.

With the return of time, I had the pleasure of recording two interviews about recent columns at The Sports Fan Journal.

  • The first was with Stadiums USA Radio via the Yahoo! Sports Radio network. Former NBA broadcaster Bill Hazen was kind enough to have me aboard to talk about the social construct that surrounds Yankee Stadium after reading my words about the team’s COO unfortunate comments regarding the newly-implemented ticket policy and premium seating.  It was a wonderful chat with the hopes that I’ll come aboard again for future stadium stories.
  • I had the second interview  with a friend and long-time advocate of my work, Michael Tillery at The Starting Five. We had a great discussion about the diminished presence of African-Americans in Major League Baseball; not only on the field (though the declines of past years have plateaued over the last two seasons) but as discussed in a recent article on Jackie Robinson Day, as a television product.

These interviews were glimpses of what’s to come from yours truly. There’s going to be much, much more here at, evidenced by the recent post on the day of the New York primaries. You’ll hear more on the radio, whichever way you may listen to it. You’ll read more at TSFJ and elsewhere. As I said on Michael’s show, you’ll get sick of me, so please accept my apologies in advance.

(To that point, here’s the obligatory “will work for food” plea. I am a writer, editor and/or media research consultant for hire, so if you’re in search of one, two or all three of those roles, I’m your guy. No idea what media research is? Check my LinkedIn. About working for food, well, honestly I will work for money because that pays for food and other things.)

Stay tuned and thank you for your support.


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