Beats: Not That I Believe in Distractions, But…

A top segment story on the Big Media news programs in the last two-plus days has been (excuse my French) this Deflategate bullshit.

I would say that I’m surprised, but I’m not, especially after it was extensively covered just over three months ago in the break between the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl. Back in late January, the only plausible reason for the wall-to-wall coverage was because of a working conspiracy.

See, the networks’ mission was to ensure that we would all be distracted with Tom Brady’s dreamy eyes and “Aw shucks, me? Porque?!?!” demeanor while Illuminati vice president Roger Goodell had lengthy negotiations with Seattle Seahawks brass about intentionally sabatoging chances at back-to-back titles for the future marketability of America’s favorite irascible running back Marshawn Lynch.

Right? Right. It all makes sense, just keep wearing the tin-foil hat I gave you.

Days before he would provide the play-by-play for the Super Bowl, Al Michaels himself lamented the coverage during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“The government of Yemen has collapsed, you have terror cells in France, and all three network news broadcasts were led with Deflategate,” Michaels said. “… In Vegas now, they already have all the proposition bets for the Super Bowl … There’s a proposition that says how many times will Michaels and [Cris] Collinsworth say ‘deflated balls.’”

Thanks, Obama.

So, let’s keep this in mind. Even within the sports world, the following stories have been pushed aside as if they’ve never happened or as if they were distractions themselves from the real scourge of today’s youth, air pressure of footballs.

  • Alex Rodriguez passed Willie Mays on the all-time career home run list, a milestone his employer doesn’t want to pay for.
  • Bryce Harper hit three home runs in three straight at-bats like a boss. He became the youngest player to do so since Richard Nixon’s first year in the White House.
  • The Houston Astros are surprisingly kicking ass in a loaded AL West. Yes, it’s early, but roll with it.
  • The Dallas Cowboys added an undrafted rookie offensive lineman who got mixed up in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. An interesting piece to an already scrutinized offseason thus far.
  • San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks was accused of sexual assault by the same woman who sued the now-former 49er Ray McDonald, who was actually released by the team after the initial accusation surfaced in December (and months after McDonald was arrested for domestic violence.)
  • All four conference semifinals series in the NBA playoffs are tied at 1 apiece. Each series is intriguing as all hell.
  • The New York Rangers are facing elimination in the worst way as they were favorited to win it all. By the looks of things if the Washington Capitals hold on and also get past either the Tampa Bay Lightining or Montreal Canadiens in the East Final, the game’s most potent scorer and the NHL’s most enigmatic player, Alexander Ovechkin, is five wins away from playing in his first Stanley Cup Final.
  • And this just in. Not that I keep up with him like that, but good luck.

And this is just a tiny sampling of sports news, where there is always something to pay attention to. It’s bad enough that Deflategate has taken up as much space as it has with mainstream sports media and the news wire called Twitter. However, at least it fits in that world.

If I begin to mention the countless other stories that Big Media put on hold, you’d be here all day. And night. And weekend. And month.

Guess ain’t nobody worryin’, right, Anthony Hamilton?

Not that I believe in mass media distractions – because we are all capable of keeping our eyes on multiple stories without losing sight of what matters – but to spend days upon days or to have breaking news segments on Deflategate says a lot about who may actually be distracted.

A few dozen cable news directors, perhaps?

Reminder: I will be making my first live show appearance of 2015 outside of The Exchange when I join the homie Earnest ‘EJ’ Christian on Earnestly Speaking at the Happy Hour Network. Catch the show live at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific.

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