So, You’re Disappointed About #MayPac

I am, too, but not for the reasons you may think.

So many words I want to say about last night and believe it or not, I’m leaving a lot on the cutting room floor. Yet, it’s gorgeous outside, so let’s not waste too much time.

  1. If you want to be mad at Floyd Mayweather Jr. for something, be mad about that undercard. It was terrible. If the main event was going to disappointing, at least have an undercard with some notable up and comers or perhaps future main eventers who could put on a show. Maybe Keith Thurman should have been held back for last night, but he was part of a great launch for boxing’s return to broadcast TV two months ago.
  2. Freddie Roach had been saying he had a plan for years. If that was the plan, don’t go back to the lab. Destroy the lab and rebuild it. The plan was moot once Mayweather emerged unfazed by Manny Pacquiao’s flurry to the midsection in the 4th round.
  3. Safe to say that many of you have either never watched a boxing match or in particular, a Mayweather bout. It’s not like you didn’t have ample chances BEFORE last night because replays of both fighters’ biggest matches had been on display for weeks. Just like those who wait until the season finale to catch up on episodes missed, perhaps some should have done that.
  4. Though both are contact sports, UFC and MMA as a whole is not better or worse than boxing, just different. Those who tout this are like the guy who shows up to a Los Angeles Dodgers/New York Mets game in a New York Yankees hat, talking about championship rings. That has nothing to do with what you’re watching. Plus, even UFC has had some stinkers in the last two years. Stop it.
  5. Hollywood boxing is not actual boxing. Hollywood (insert sport here) is not actual (insert sport here).
  6. Congratulations! You didn’t spend $100 on the fight. You “saved” money so that you can do something reckless and wasteful with it later. Take a bow. Well done.
  7. Boxing is not dead and it is actually flourishing far more than perceived by those who culture vulture their entertainment once a year. In 2015, ABC, NBC, CBS, Spike, BET, Bounce TV and ESPN have made major investments in the game to good ratings results so far for Premier Boxing Champions and an anticipated debut for Roc Nation’s offering later this year. On top of last night’s bounty, a “dead” sport is doing alright for itself. (And for those who still want erroneous UFC comparisons, it’s had a rough 2 years on FOX.)
  8. Finally, to those who came out to fight parties with something in hand for the hosts, respect. For those who came empty, apologize to your hosts and make up for such a sinful act.


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