Food for Thought – April 9th, 2015

Sometimes, it’s just easier to share good words with the masses, even if they are not my own. In fact, when there’s a dry spell or an incomplete work staring me in the face, it’s even better to let you all know of some very interesting reads, listens and watches from elsewhere.

Today is one of those days where partially complete words are not enough. It’s a good time to share another function of this site going forward called “Food for Thought”. Since you’re probably having lunch or a very late breakfast, the post is appropriate.

I’ll leave links for various categories that tickle your senses. Thankfully, logging on to my social media accounts provided a solid bounty.


Sports are cool, even when sometimes, they’re not. You should know this by now.

First for the “cool” part, catch up to our latest at The Sports Fan Journal. We’ve been on a big basketball and baseball kick as of late, and when the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin, expect hockey to fill your feeds as well.

Now, the “not” part is this reveal from Outsports. Sports blogger Jamie Neal discusses the difficult transition of being not only a transgender fan, but an aspiring journalist. The “not” comes in from the fear of going to see a game in person in an area that had widely known for being open to the LGBT community. There is so much to be read here, and though I cannot imagine what it feels like to walk in those shoes, hopefully she will overcome the fears. Good luck, Jamie.


I won’t talk about music very much on here because it’s an incredibly personal experience with WAY too many public judgments. If you’re not a fan of a certain artist – mainstream, “indie” or legitimately independent as opposed to those with big label arrangements – it’s almost a condemnation of you as a person. You know, kind of like high school. Like what you like, be easy with what you don’t and let it ride. With that said I refer you to my long-time partner in crime and New York Amsterdam News reporter, Stephon Johnson, who will roll any direction you wish when it comes to the music world. He’s far better at that realm than I ever could be.

What I will do today, however, is direct you to an interview with a recent favorite of mine. Hip Hop DX spoke to Rapsody, whose profile has blown up quite a bit over the last two weeks thanks to her guest appearance on the new Kendrick Lamar album, To Pimp a Butterfly. She’s one of the best rhymers to hit the scene in a long time in my eyes, and I’m so glad to see that her name is getting out there. I’ll also leave you a video from “The Man” from her latest EP, Beauty and the Beast. (Language! Headphones, if you’re at work.)

You’re welcome.

News and Opinion:

Quite simply, the Walter Scott shooting should have you pissed off, if it didn’t at least trouble you. Doesn’t matter what your opinions are about policing, the racial divide or even the role of Big Media in these tragedies.

Here are a couple of perspectives worth noting. One comes from The Root as Kirsten West Savali talks about the debate on the seemingly routine exposure to images of these horrific moments. Admittedly, I almost felt numb when I saw the video and I would guess some of you feel the same way. I, too, am tired of asking where do we go from here.

Another comes from Fusion, the combined platform from ABC and Univision. The noted vlogger (video blogger) and radio host Jay Smooth has a series for Fusion called “The Illipsis”. He shares his thoughts on the tragedy, which came up as he was about to dig into a commentary on the hyped music streaming service, Tidal.

Research About Us:

I’ll share some interesting insights here about research that delves into who we are, what we do, where we go and how we change. If it has a cool infographic, even better, right?

Pew Research Center posted some findings about the growing share of black immigrants to the United States. In many urban centers, we’ve seen this increase first hand, and this confirms the growth. It certainly keeps those who think about “the black experience” on their toes as it is more than those of us who were born and raised here.

Advertisng, Marketing and the Media Business:

I discuss this arena quite often because it affects everything we say, do, think and believe. It’s a fascinating world, which is why I’m big on sharing work from the trade magazines that cover it.

Advertising Age has put out a series called Your Guide to the Multicultural Mainstream. Now, if some of this is familiar to you, it should as you’ve heard this beat being drummed for at least a decade. Juxtapose this with the Pew Research finding above and my recent words about the diversity in television viewership, and you’ll see that the industry is still figuring things out it should have always known.

That be all. If there is anything you believe is worth a share, watch or listen, please share in the comments. As said, this site is meant to be for all of us.

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