First Words and a Disclaimer

It’s taken weeks to post these first words.

Hello there.

Silly, right? Yet, that’s the truth.

When a writer sets out to develop her or his own website, the idea of what to actually type is daunting as all hell. The struggle could more or less be described as opening a fire hydrant. Sure, it seems simple enough, but you still have to get it right.

The first words are screwing off the cap. Instinctively, you might think that all of the words are being held back by the first post as if all of the water is just being held at bay by this cap. Yet, once you take it off, nothing comes out until you open up the valve.

Ideally at that point, the words come flowing with all of the pressure from being sheathed for so long being released.

That may not be the case here, but at least we have the cap open with this metaphoric first post.

(Many friends, relatives and colleagues won't let me live this down. For the unfamiliar, have at it.)

(Many friends, relatives and colleagues won’t let me live this down. For the unfamiliar, have at it.)

You’ve come to this site because you know me from my work at The Sports Fan Journal, you were one of the few souls to ever follow me from my days with a fledgling weekly paper, you listen to The Exchange on BlogTalkRadio (which is coming back soon), you found my online profiles or I harassed you enough to convince you to visit. No matter the reason, welcome.

My name is Jason Clinkscales. I’m another writer with a personal website.

I am also a veteran of the business of media, though perhaps the term ‘veteran’ is generous here since I’m in my early 30s. Cultivating a career as both a content producer (writing, radio and podcasting, etc.) and a media research analyst (television ratings, consumer insights, online measurement, etc.), I’ve been blessed and cursed with this passion to understand and question what really makes the industry tick. Blessed because it’s incredible to watch an industry evolve again and again as the habits of the consumers force changes. Cursed because said habits affect how us professionals can make a living or at least enjoy the work we do.

I’m a New York City native, and for those who know me personally or know my work professionally, I try the best I can to deflect whatever NYC clichés you may think off because they make all of us seem like an obnoxious monolith. I was reared in The Bronx – keep note of ‘The’ because it’s The Bronx, not the Bronx – and the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. I’m from the parts of both areas that you don’t hear about often, which is important to mention because with any story in your city or town, you don’t fully get to see an honest portrayal of any community (even well-to-do ones) because those tales feature the demographically-typecasted people that fit into pre-written stories. We are all more than what you’re told.

These words will reappear in another part of the site, but let it be known here as well. It’s common sense to me, but you have to protect yourself and indemnify others, if necessary.

The words expressed here are not those expressed by those I am directly affiliated with, by employ or association. Although such affiliations may be mentioned from time to time, the opinions expressed on are my own and belong to no one else.

With that said, the opinions expressed on will largely not come from left field. I don’t “tell it like it is” because as one can gather quickly, those people who pride themselves on being blunt are often wrong about what they’re speaking on. As a personal policy, I don’t speak on what I don’t know unless I’m asking questions about those topics. It’s something I wish more media personalities would do, or at least know when to not broach a subject. As my mom would say, “sometimes, you gotta know when to shut up.”

There are so many things in the world that we may not be able to articulate fully because we are either unfamiliar with the lingo or just inexperienced, yet we know some fundamental truth in these subjects. For that reason, just as in my professional life, I will do the best I can to write with supporting evidence and references. My hopes are that we can at least provide food for thought in our conversations here.

This site will feature observations on what I notice, purposefully or at random. There will be sports-related words, without question, but there will also be words on non-sporting matters.

I’m not what you would call politically astute, in fact, despite close friends involved in the political world, I’m pretty damn cynical of the people who pollute our democratic process. So, I will do the very best I can to only dip a toe into those waters when I feel that I can speak on something with anecdotal evidence and/or a poignant story to tell.

What I will speak on are matters that I have a far greater comfort level and experience with. I will talk about GenTriFicatiOn and do the best I can to convey something honest, even if it isn’t exactly popular. I will talk about city life – New York and other cities I have visited as well as those I am curious about. While I won’t talk about work per se, I will talk about media – Big Media, independent media, obscure media and the actual business that makes it all work or falter. I will occasionally talk about my own life, but only when relevant.

More importantly, I want to use this site to talk about you. And me. And us. I hope that those who come onto this site are not just passive readers or trolls who froth at the mouth when reading trigger words (“OBAMA!”). This is a site where we can not only tell each other what we are thinking, but one where we can ask questions, dare to be unsure about something, and occasionally entertain ourselves with some good humor. Because in a nutty world around us, we need to laugh to keep from crying. will evolve into more as the days, weeks, months and years go on because we will evolve into more as the days, weeks, months and years go on. In advance, I want to thank you for being a part of this site’s journey. The name of it may be my own, but the culture around it is ours.

Let’s do this.

One comment

  1. Ed Parriski · March 27, 2015

    Looking forward to this Jason! Best of luck!


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